Thursday, July 3, 2008

Moving once again...but not us! pfew!

We went to visit Nick's parents...not really visit though cause they are moving. The kids are famous for getting under foot so we didn't stay long.

Here is Preston outside their new house--I could NOT keep him out of that darn plant dirt. Ugh!

Then we went up the street to their old house--this is a picture of the drive way next door. Preston decided it would be fun to walk up it and then run down it...over and over and over again. I finally decided to get a video of it and of course, that was the time that he fell. It was funny until then though!
Grandma Call brought out some bubbles and let the kids play with them. Preston LOVED trying to pop each one and Ashleigh loved the control of holding the wand and blowing them.

Then we looked over and saw the men coming around the side of the house with a freezer. They walked it 4 houses down the street to their new house. It's pretty funny to see people walking down the street with appliances! Can you see my Van in the background? That's how far they had to go with all their stuff.

What good workers! :)


Anonymous said...

It was nice to have you there. We couldn't have done this move without Nick. Thanks for loaning him to us. Love you...

nicks88turbo said...

That is an awefully nice supra that fridge is heading for. Hope it doesnt hit it.. lol.. love you meg