Sunday, July 27, 2008

Me and my Ashleigh

We only have 1 months until Ashleigh starts school! Pfew, where has the time gone?!? We are really looking forward to going shopping together to get school supplies and buying a few school clothes and all the other necessities that she'll need as we start this new phase in her life. I love Ash so much, I am so excited for her!

Update on Ashleigh's tooth....the baby one is still loose, but the adult tooth has come in even more and is no longer pushing the baby one out. She is going to have a double row of teeth pretty soon if she can't wiggle it out. We'll have her dentist take a look at it to see if we need to pull it out or just let it go....I am afraid that this could be the beginning of her future of getting braces. :-( Poor Ash.......

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