Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Ballards...

We are so glad that my parents moved in to an apartment that has a pool. We've been able to go over a couple of times and swim in it. Ashleigh is doing really well! She can swim now with just water-wings and you can see her confidence rising every time she can do something new--like floating on her back. Preston loves the water too, but doesn't go in past his waist and since he doesn't go in, I can't really go in either--I just sit on the side and watch him closely so that he doesn't fall in. Speaking of falling in--Preston fell in--right there at the steps he was reaching for his floating tube thing that had gotten a little father out in the water than he could reach, and I looked down to see him upside down all spread out like a star fish in the pool. I am amazed at how calm I was--I just reached in, pulled him back up/out of the water by his ankle. when I got him on the side I wiped his face off and he just looked at me, with this blank stare--like hey, what happened? And then he gave a little whimper and hugged me and then he was just fine-went right back in the water like nothing had happened! I was very proud of us both for being brave!

After swimming we went to my parents place for some dinner and visiting. Yummy food!
Preston got to have a fruitsicle. I think it's the first one he's ever had and boy did he love it!

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