Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A day in Provo

My sister Tamsen and I decided to do a Provo day today. And we asked our parents to come along. We saw a dinosaur museum, then we went to Jay-Dawgs, then to a park to play, and finally to the Bean Museum. It was lots and lots of fun...I LOVE doing these outings with my sister!

Ahhhh....don't let the dinosaur eat you, Ashleigh!!!

Eating Jay-Dawgs at the park--after playing in the sprinklers. It was 104 degrees today! wow....

My sister Tamsen and my dad

The twins--Tamsen and my dad

A liger...yes, they do exist!

Doesn't it look like the bobcat is really looking at Preston??? good thing there is glass between them...oh, and it's stuffed and dead! :)

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Laur said...

how did you get your blog to do that thing on the side where it shows you if your friend's blogs have been updated?
I need that!