Monday, July 14, 2008

Ashleigh's first loose tooth

Yesterday Ashleigh told me that her tooth feels loose. I felt it and sure enough it was a little bit wiggly. Tonight it's even more wiggly and when I looked inside I could see her new tooth trying to pop up/through. Can you see it? We are all very excited that she is probably only a day or two away from losing her very first tooth! :)

We decided that Nick should call the tooth fairy and let "her" know that Ashleigh has a loose tooth. Here is the phone conversation.... (Ash thought I was taking a picture--not doing a video--thus the frozen stare/smile) I bought that tooth fairy pillow for her last year. Oh yeah, she already has 2 1/2 of her 4-6 year molars in as well!

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Josh n Betsie said...

What a cute idea to call the toothfairy. What a good dad.