Monday, July 21, 2008

Copying my sister Tamsen's blog...

I finally convinced my sister Tamsen to start a blog. She's doing awesome at keeping it up to date and I LOVE reading it.... I've decided that since she put a post up about my kids, i would copy it and put it on mine-for those of you who read my blog, but not hers! Here it is.....
Watching Ashleigh & Preston

We got to have the Call kids over today while Megan and Nick went to see The Dark Knight.
Here's Preston watering a piece of bologna. He cracks me up!
A couple of trampoliners. Preston came on just after this picture was taken. Watching him bounce-walk on it was such a funny sight!Preston swinging. He didn't quite get it that he needed to hold on all the time.
Pretty soon the others joined Preston in his watering games. They watered the grass, the trampoline, washed the tree, and made fine cuisine (muddy water). I swear Preston emptied that bowl of water 200 times.
I brought out a bowlful of ice for the kids to play with. I put Ashleigh in charge of divvying it out. Ethan made water bottle volcanoes with his, Ash & Maura ate theirs, and Preston put ice in the bowl of water, then took the ice out, then put them back in the bowl, then took them out... you get the picture.
Then he & I played "Weee!" We slid ice, balls, Preston, and even a rollie-pollie down the slide.
I just love the temperament of little boys. You can tell I had the most fun with him. He played forever with the water outside, and just as long with a bowlful of beads and a Matrioshka doll inside. Ethan helped me babysit Preston today. He's really getting to be quite the responsible boy! Ethan was a huge help.

Ashleigh and Maura contented themselves with making bead necklaces and bracelets before we all went outside. We all had such a great time!

My side note---The Dark Knight was a great movie, but it was very dark and disturbing to watch. I couldn't help but think of Heath Ledgers early death when I watched him on the big screen and feel sad for his family...especially his daughter.
LOVED seeing my "boyfriend" Christian Bale as Batman once again! :) Would love to hear your take on the movie if anyone has seen it too.....

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