Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fireworks finally...

We finally got to see the fireworks at my sisters house tonight. They were well worth the wait. It only lasted 22 min, but they were big and beautiful and entertaining. I am so glad we went! Preston was so funny--he climbed right up on my mom's lap and stayed with her most of the time and during each firework he would say "wow, wow, wow" and then say "more?" He loved them!

Ash was the highlight of the night with her cousins--they were doing "cheers" as our purchased fireworks were going off--"We love BYU". Nick sure didn't like that--since he's a Ute's fan. ;-)

My dad holding his newest granddaughter-Amelia

Preston with grandma enjoying the fireworks

Jana, Cooper and Kevin

Preston--SO tired!

My brother Kevin and Cooper--he fell asleep. So cute!

Then I got to hold Amelia and I was able to get her to sleep. It was so precious!

Both kids fell asleep on the drive home. I thought it was cute that they both fell asleep leaning the same direction and both with something special on their laps...Ashleigh's doll, and Preston's bottle. haha

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