Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ashleigh's neighborhood friends

I thought I would show who Ashleigh's friends are...she has 3 others that I have not been able to get pictures of yet.

This is Ashleigh and her friend Jasna. She has the "fun" back yard--play house, swingset, trampoline, etc...she also has a little kitchen to play in and a bigger house than us...these are all things that Ash tells me when she comes home from Jasna's house. They get along really well together!
This is Ashleigh and her friend Haley. She is 4. She comes over A LOT and knocks A LOT and rings the door bell A LOT...they get along well together and it seems like Haley is always happy to play with Ashleigh. They have fun riding bikes together-they took their training wheels off on the same day! Ash is not allowed to go inside their house...

Her other friends are Tacey, Abby, Tori, Veronica...and there's always Joe....the boy next door who is 10 and I think he likes Ash and vice-versa. hmmm...we'll have to keep an eye on those two....

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