Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family bike ride

Last night and tonight we went on a family bike ride. Yesterday we went from our house to Ashleigh's new school and then rode around in the church parking lot for a bit more before coming home. It was really dark out so I didn't get any pictures.

Tonight we went as soon as Nick got home from work. We rode 1 1/2 miles to the gas station and back. Ashleigh is really amazing on her bike. She's only been riding on 2 wheels for a couple of days and already she is going on these long adventures with us. She never complains and every time I ask how she's doing she happily replies--GREAT! Nick and I have been just waiting for this day to come where we could all ride around together as a family. It's so much fun! Only 3 more years until Preston can ride too--for now, he rides behind Nick's bike in the bike trailer. He loves it--all day today he was asking to go for a bike ride.
Preston waiting at Chevron for his snack....

Here's my attempt at getting a picture of Nick WHILE riding my bike--he was behind me...didn't quite work. Oh-well

Unhitching the bikes after our ride. :)

Preston and Ashleigh enjoying the snack together. Aren't my kids so cute!?!

and here's Preston sneaking a marshmallow...What a little stinker!


Patrick and Emily said...

I can't believe how long Ashleigh's hair is!! So pretty!

Tamsen said...

You're trying to take a picture WHILE you're riding? YOU?