Friday, August 29, 2008

Ouchy....Poor Preston

We have this suction cup (hard plastic) basketball hoop thing--it's supposed to be a bath toy, but Preston never uses it in there, so we had it stuck on the front of our oven. So about 2 weeks ago he was standing in front of the oven watching me cook and the basketball hoop fell off the oven. It landed on Preston's toe. He cried a little, but it wasn't until later that we noticed under his toe nail was full of blood. Neither of us knew whether to take him to the doctors to have it drilled or to just leave it to drain on its own. We decided to just leave it... a few days later we noticed that all the blood was gone. yeah. no harm done, right?

Last Tuesday I trimmed Prestons toe nails and saw that his nail had raised up so there was like a hole under his nail where I could see pretty much everything underneath...ew.

Today, I put Preston down for a nap (a rarity now a days) and about 5 min later he started crying...I ignored him for a few minutes hoping he would just go to sleep, he didn't so I went up to check on him. he told me "toe hurt" and showed me his toe.....

The nail had almost completely come off! now what do I do? Take him to the doctor? Band aid it back down? Or clip it off? I decided to just clip as much of it off as I could and put a band aid on what was left to help protect it while he played, etc. Poor kid was NOT happy with me and after that he was so upset he would not go to sleep.... sigh.
I put the "pretty" band aid over the functional one--that has the antiseptic ointment on it and he's walking around all gimpy now. Poor kid....
Who would have thought that little plastic toy could cause so much damage!?!


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Who'd have thunk, eh? Reminds me of my thumb in the 6th grade - yukko paddukko!! Give him a big love for me. Love, mom

Tamsen said...

Time to sue.


arah said...

holy cow! that's so wierd. Hope his toenail grows back normal. Give him a kiss from me.
Miss you guys!