Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lets Make a Deal

Shortly after buying our house in March I was on my way home from working all night and then taking Nick to the airport when I saw a yard sale...I stopped, saw this couch and with out hesitation decided to buy it. Now, we really didn't NEED a couch, but I really WANTED it. That's the problem with having been up for 20+ hours strait...the logical side of the brain doesn't work quite as well as it should to tell you to STOP...WALK AWAY...DO NOT BUY IT!!! Instead, i went to the ATM, came back and bought it for $300.

We've had it now for almost 5 months and last night Nick and I were discussing the couch...we decided to see if we put it up for sale how long it would take to sell... It took 14 hours!!! We sold it this afternoon for $350. yup, we made a profit. After the first 5-10 calls/emails today we realized that we should have tried to sell it for more like $500-$600...oh-well. We got a total of 11 emails and 14 phone calls. Wow! The guy who bought it just bought a condo in Provo and doesn't have ANY furniture. See his plates? He's from Oregon.... :-)

The kids immediately became MORE active-if that's possible-and started running around in our now HUGE family room. :)

And, we've already found a love seat that will go with our "old" couch nicely that only costs $35...we're still up $15! Pretty sweet deal, huh? :) I think this buying and UP-selling may become a side business for me. Its fun!

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Tamsen said...

Ah man, I liked that couch! You got an awesome deal for it--and congrats for making a profit on it!!