Sunday, August 24, 2008

I wish I may, I wish I might....

Do you ever make plans and then wish really really hard that you will be able to go?

About 2 weeks ago, Nick and I were marveling at the fact that our kids have NOT gotten sick pretty much since we moved in to our house back in March--with the exception of Preston's hives when we first moved in. They have both been very healthy!

I think that we jinxed it...

A few days ago Preston got a cold--started with a runny nose but then it seemed to go away. Then on Friday it came on full blown again...and this time Ashleigh seemed to have a cold too. I had tentatively made plans for Tamsen and her family to come over and visit, but had to cancel.

On Saturday they both seemed to be doing tons better. We found that Preston LOVES to drink Emergen-C which I think is good...lots of vitamins. So we gave him quite a bit of that on Friday/Saturday and thought for sure that it was helping.

Around the same time that we were marveling at the fact that our kids were staying healthy for so long, Nick found out that there was a Supra meet in Salt Lake TODAY. Yes, I know it's Sunday... Nick's parents were sweet enough to agree to come over and watch our kids so Nick and I could go to it together. We were both SO excited to go!!!

Last night at work, Nick told me that the kids' illnesses had gone to their lungs and he was worried about us going to the Supra thing. We've been playing it by ear pretty much since 4am. I left work early so I could get a little sleep so I would be wide awake for the event!
I didn't want to miss a thing!

All night I had been wishing and hoping and praying and crossing my fingers that they would miraculously be all better so Nick and I could go...

didn't work.

They are NOT better. Preston's lungs sound horrible--very wheezy and very fast paced he just ran a marathon, and he has a cough. Ashleigh's lungs sound crackly and she has a cough.

we asked nick's parent's to not come over and I told Nick that I would stay home with the kids and he could still go today. I didn't think it fair to keep him home when I could keep an eye on the kids myself...the Supra is his love and passion any way....

I am sad.

I really wanted to go with Nick....

Ashleigh is supposed to start school I supposed to send her sick?

Next time I want something really bad, I think I'll have to wish a whole lot harder so I can

have this wish I wish tonight.


Tamsen said...

Oh, Man! Terrible timing, with Ash starting school tomorrow!! We totally jinx ourselves that way, too. I should know better by now!!

I hope the kids feel better soon!!

Tell us how the Supra meet went for Nick!

Josh n Betsie said...

Oh sad. I hope she feels better so she doesn't miss her first day of school.