Thursday, August 28, 2008

A not so good really GREAT

Today was Ashleigh's first day at Lakeview Academy. We did a mad rush last night to get her some uniforms--Thankfully Target had everything that we needed! She is allowed to wear White, light blue, Navy blue and Khaki/tan...that's it! There's not a huge variety there, but the simplicity makes their outfits so cute!
Nick had a really hard time waking both Ashleigh and myself up this morning...ugh. I got home from work at 430am and had to wake up at 7am to get Ash up and ready. I am TIRED today-and I work again tonight!
Anyway, the whole way to school I was still trying to convince Ashleigh that she would have a good day at her new school. For some reason she just did not believe me... This picture I took is outside her school BEFORE the nerves really hit.
Immediately after this picture she started crying! Thankfully, with this new schedule I was able to leave Preston at home with Nick while I took Ash to school so I was able to stay with her and comfort her. I met her new teacher, who I LOVE, and we were able to go around the room and see everything, see some of the other kids, etc. I think it really helped her having me there for a few minutes.
I proceeded to tell her a little lie so I could leave her with out a tantrum and it worked really well...When I picked her up after class, her teacher (Mrs. Wyatt) said that she didn't cry at all once I left and that she did really well! Ashleigh came out ALL smiles and yelled goodbye to all of her friends that she had made (4 so far). She was happier than I have seen her in the last week.... She told me that she loved school, loved her teacher, and loved the other kids! Pfew!!! ':-) She talked all about school for the next 2 hours!
Gee, ya think she liked it?
And to think I was worried! Ha just goes to show that I need to have more faith in my husband and his opinions/decisions.
I think this will be a very good school year! (Thank goodness for Mrs. Wyatt....I really like her!)


arah said...

she looks adorable in her uniform. I wish public schools were like that, it would make school shopping a lot easier.

Tamsen said...

Yay! I'm glad she had a GREAT day! I'm curious, though--what was the little lie you told her?

Patrick and Emily said...

Congrats on the new school! Ashleigh looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Tell her that I think she is a very brave girl and I am so so proud of her (and her parents who are brave too). I will miss you guys. Have a great week. Love, Grandma Call

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

What an awesome report, Megan! Good going, Ashleigh!! We're so proud of you! I'm glad that you like your new school and teacher! Love the picture of you in your uniform! YAY!! Love, G'ma & G'pa