Monday, August 25, 2008

Two of a did that happen?

Ashleigh and Preston are just under 4 years apart in age and yet they are SO alike when it comes to their illnesses and how their bodies react to them.

Both kids got a small cold early last week, and both seemed to get better on the same day. Then the cold came back and then it went away again. And then they both got their infamous cough that is ALWAYS associated with ANY illness that they get.

When Ashleigh was about 2 1/2 she was hospitalized for 3 days. Her O2 levels were dangerously low and she had a horrible cough. They diagnosed her with having a form of bronchitis and that is when the Albuterol treatments began. Since then, EVERY illness she has ever had has gone strait to her lungs as soon as the majority of the illness has gone away. It's wearing and frustrating on us, but we do what we can as parents to keep her as healthy as possible.

Preston is almost 2. From about 18 months+ we've noticed the same signs and symptoms that Ashleigh had whenever he got sick. I remember Nick and I looking at each other after one of the first coughing attacks Preston had after his cold had gone away and we both said--oh, no, not another one!?!

Last night I had to take Preston to urgency care. He had a fever, a bad dry cough, the start of a rash, very wheezy lungs, very fast paced breathing, and we could visibly see his body struggling to take in air.

They first told me that he has a double ear infection. Then they took some x-rays of his lungs. They gave him a shot of a steroid to open up his lungs...his O2 level was in the low 90's. Then they did 2 breathing treatments on him--our Albuterol was making him jittery and increased his heart rate. They gave him something different--a more expensive form of Albuterol with out the risk of jitters or fast paced heart rate. I was told that his x-rays show patterns of asthma and/or bronchitis. Just like Ashleigh! The dr said that most likely Preston will always respond to illnesses like this and that we just need to keep watch for certain symptoms--same one's we have to watch for with Ashleigh. We got 2 Rx's and were able to leave once his O2 levels were at a safe level again and his resperations were under 40/min. (they were at 80/min when we arrived) He was acting a TON better once we were able to leave and last night he slept more soundly than he has in over a week..although he still woke up at 4 am to come in to bed with us.

I just think it's weird--are siblings usually like this? Do siblings usually react the same when they get sick? Do siblings usually have the same diagnosis'? I just wonder..... Anyway, sorry for the LONG story!

Ive decided to let Ashleigh go to school today-with a note describing her illness. She has the remnants of her cough left, but after 4 years of this we know she is not contageous. Plus, once winter arrives, she'll be going to school pretty much daily with a cough...that's just how she is. *sigh* And I am sure Preston will be just the same.


Anonymous said...

I was talking to my mother about this coughing/lung thing yesterday and apparently myself and my brother Chris were exactly like that. Same thing everytime we got sick. The hope for you is that we both grew out of it. I still have asthma now and then, but nothing like when I was little. So, hope that helps and sorry they inherited that, but Nick and Betsie did the same thing.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Didn't come from our side! Tee hee. Each of our kids were different and none the same for illnesses. As you remember, you would get sick and the next day be totally well. Kevin, on the other hand, would be sick for much longer than anyone else - very sickly child, thanks to our ignorance about his fish allergy. Emily and Tamsen seemed to be mostly "normal" - colds lasted a week usually. Sorry to hear that the kids are sick, but glad to see that Ash got to go to school... If you need anything, give me a call. I should be up and going tomorrow. Love, mom