Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cousins over

I have volunteered to watch Kevin and Jana's kids pretty much since Amelia was born--to give them a little break here and there. They finally took me up on it and we got to have their older 4 kids over to play and watch a movie. They all had so much fun together...you would think that having 4 extra kids in the house would be hectic, but it always surprises me that it's relatively easy. They all get along well together and go off and play so instead of 4 extra kids it's more like we have zero and nick and I are actually able to talk and breathe. :)

Cooper and Preston....they put the blanket on all by themselves...so cute!

Ash is not upset...she is just comfortable like that....
Nathan, Sheridan, Teriesa, and Ashleigh

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Patrick and Emily said...

I agree sometimes more kids is less work because they entertain each other! When it's just me and my girls, I have two little shadows.