Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twenty Questions

1. What do you want right this minute?
Financial Freedom!
2. If you were a boxer, what would your ring name be?
Freakishly strong
3. Would you rather be perfect from the waist up or the waist down?
I just want my waist to be perfect--who cares about the rest!
4. Would you rather meet Oprah or Ellen?
Ellen--Oprah BUGS me!
5. Have you ever had Gonorrhea?
Woah--seriously personal! but NOPE..thank Goodness!
6. What does your favorite pair of underwear look like?
White, long, unflattering...
7. What’s one thing you’re afraid of?
Spiders---why is it that something SO SMALL can freak me out SO badly!?
8. If you could be reincarnated as someone/something, what would you pick?
A celebrities dog...big yard to run a play, someone to clean up after me, someone to feed/groom me, I can get hourly massages and belly rubs, and I can sleep all day!
9. Who is your least favorite actor?
Scarlett Johansson....I don't know why everyone thinks she is so pretty...she is NOT!!! ick! I kept thinking that she should have been the one to die in the Other Boelyn Girl movie.
10. Do you ever have recurring dreams?
Yes--I dream EVERY night and at least once a year I have the same dream--I am delivering balloons with my mom in walla Walla in our clown costumes, we go to an old lady's house that has TONS of china dolls. I go to her basement to see the other one's she has when this creaking old door opens and this HUGE psychotic clown comes charging out at me and tries to kill me. I am running all over the house trying to get out, my mom and the old lady are gone. All the other dolls come to life and they try to attack me too! SCARY! I have had that same dream at least once a year since I was 9 years old. And yet, I am NOT scared of clowns. go figure!
12. Do you like reality TV?
Oh yes...Nick can't figure out why I like it so much, but I do!!!
13. Are you happy right now?
Oh yes...except for a few things here and there...but over all I am VERY happy with my life!
14. Would you rather have a salad or a burger?
Why limit yourself? Have both and add some french fries too! :)
15. What would you do if you were locked in a room with your worst enemy for 3 days?
Why would I get locked in a room with my worst enemy? i just dont think that is something I would do!
16. Were you popular in high school?
Yes, but not in a good way...and I wasn't in the "popular group", but I did have a lot of friends...
17. What did you want to be when you were little, and did you follow that dream?
I always wanted to be a mom...
In elementary school I wanted to be a poet and author--I wrote a lot.
In Middle school I think I just wanted to get through school...
In high school I wanted to be a Psyciatrist, then a mom again, then a flight attendent, then anything that would allow me to travel all over the world and see EVERYTHING...still hoping that one comes true some day.
18. What’s one of your favorite quotes?
"It is never wrong to treat someone right"
19. What is one of your weaknesses?
i have tons.... um.... huh.... yep, and that about covers it.
20. Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?
usually it's half full...just depends on who I am talking to. My family usually gets my glass half empty side. I need to work on that.

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

I am so sorry that the visit to that old lady's house when you were a child had such a long-term affect on you! We just delivered balloons - and you all seemed to enjoy seeing all her dolls! Who'd have thought it would have caused you such dreams??? Wonder how you can get them to stop?! So, so sorry! Love,mom