Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dinner at the Calls

I am on a new schedule at work so I don't have to sleep the whole day away so on Sunday we got to go to Mom and Dad Call's house for dinner. It was SOOO yummy!!! It's been so long since we ate there last that I forgot how good Juli cooks!

After dinner the kids went outside to play with Randy
Ashleigh loved the Binoculars and Preston got a little too close to that edge to keep me comfortable, but he never fell off, so pfew.

Then Quinn took them to play at the little park/playground by their house. That was a pleasant surprise and the kids has SO much fun with her! They even found a praying mantis on the driveway--which Ashleigh and I both "petted".

I LOVE the view from their house so I took a couple of pictures. It's SO pretty here! I really love Utah...

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