Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pictures from Jump On It

There is a Toddler Play area at Jump On It. all those fun trampolines, and my little boy decides to go play in the toddler area. what a weirdo.

Quinn and Ashleigh watching Preston play

Nick's tired after jumping. I love just watching!

Preston trying to sneak in to the "big kid" area to jump.

In the little kid area there are a lot of balls to play with. Preston steals them from other kids and throws them out of the play area. Seriously.....little stinker!

Nick and Quinn playing in the Big kid area

Preston stealing the 4ft and under sign and Ash trying to stop him

Nick and Preston going down one of the bouncy slides

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Tamsen said...

SO fun! Obviously it's better to go there during the day...? When Braeden went (Fri. night) there was all sorts of raucous and he got a hit in the nose. Hmmm...