Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Potty time

Preston is just barely 2 years old, but I have always heard how hard it is to potty train boys and that most are around 3 before it happens. So, I decided to start early. Preston HATES sitting on the big toilet--even with a kid seat on it, so I bought a little potty for him to try out. He LOVED it! I let him run around naked for an hour. He never pee'd on the toilet, but he did pee on Ashleigh's bed at the first second that I had my full concentration focused elsewhere. oh-well, it's a start. :) Isn't he cute sitting there?

Look Mom, it comes out!
And it's portable...he took it everywhere with him. Please excuse the no pants....
I hope to have him fully trained BEFORE he turns 3...we'll see! :)

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