Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good-bye to Summer

I love the fall! I love the winter. There is something special that happens to me when the weather changes. I feel happier, rejuvenated, loved... I feel more like there is a purpose for my life. I feel like my eyes are open. Like I can see things more clearly. It's like an old friend...welcome friend!!!
The only reason why I don't officially hate summer is because I know that when summer comes, my favorite seasons are soon to follow!

A couple of days ago, I went out and bought the first of our Halloween decorations and I put some of them up already...

and then I went on a hunt for all my old favorite soup recipes. I LOVE eating soup when it's cold outside. I found my Tuscan white Bean soup and garlic recipe thanks to Giada, and my sister Emily's amazing Butternut Squash soup, and her Lentil Soup recipe, and my favorite home made tomato soup recipe. Now I just need to find my mom's Chicken and home made noodle soup recipe and I'll be pretty set for a while.

Yesterday my dad brought over his home made apple pie--YUM!!! Ashleigh and I succeeded in eating more than 1/2 in 24 hours. (There is only 1 serving left)

I also found and bought my favorite "ice cream". I know, ice cream in the winter? Yup, I am just that weird!

I also seem to find an amazing amount of joy in baking during the fall/winter months! I LOVE it!
Ashleigh and I always find fun recipes to make...and eat....
Yesterday we used the cookie cutter she got from when she got her hair cut and made some Sugar Dough cookies. (Make a pie dough recipe, roll it out, use the cookie cutters, sprinkle the top with cinnamon and sugar and bake--yum)


Tamsen said...

I love the fall too! It's so lovely. Do you see the colors in the mountains?

Hey--save a cookie for me! :)

arah said...

Fall is my favorite too. I love the smell and the colors and I just can't wait till I see more leaves falling and walk through the parks and take long drives...wasting gas... just to see the colors.
Brinley is so excited for Halloween. Everything to her is how long til Halloween, how long til Thanksgiving. Which holiday comes next? etc. etc.
I love the baking and the cooking and the snuggling and I just love Fall!

Anonymous said...

Dang Megan. You are out of control. Just kidding. You are amazing.