Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random pictures--and MANY posts ahead! Woah

I have been a Robert Downey Jr fan since I saw him as a teenager in the movie Chaplin. I don't remember that movie much, but the next movie I saw him in was Heart and Souls and I was hooked...I think, aside from his drug use/abuse, he is a great actor and I love his movies--here are a few of my favorite--
Chances Are, Only You, Air American, US Marshals, Shaggy Dog, Chaplin and of course, Heart and Souls.
I rented Iron Man on my way home from work early this morning and I am going to watch it tonight. I am hoping that this one will be up there with his other great movies that I love. If anyone has seen it, I would love to hear your review!

I don't think I ever wrote about our temple trip 2 weeks ago...??? Nick, his parents, my parents and I all went on a temple-triple-date together. We did about an hour of sealings and then went to Applebee's for dinner. Quinn was so sweet to babysit for us and then she and my kids came and joined us for dinner. The food was good--once it actually made it to our table--minus Nick's raw steak and my mom's cold pizza. Preston was SO tired so part of the time I was trying to rock him to sleep. (The hazards of having the kids on a bedtime schedule and keeping them up past it) I didn't see a lot of how bad the servers were that night, but I had a good time with everyone none-the-less. Preston was especially attached to my dad that night and was SO sad when they left to go home! This is such a sad/cute/sweet picture! Poor baby! :-)

I took my nephew Braeden to his soccer game last Saturday. It was so fun watching him and cheering him on. He's got a pretty tough coach, and they lost, but Braeden seemed to enjoy himself and didn't get upset at all that they didn't win. I treated him to Wendy's for lunch afterwards. I love bonding with him. (he is #5, his coach is on the right of Braeden)

We've had this Leap pad learning thing for a few years..we've lost most of the disk things that go in it to make it work with the books so Ashleigh now uses it as if it's a laptop computer. While we were out running errands yesterday she had to use her "computer" to get directions to where we were going, to check her email, to do her blogging, and to play on Webkins. It was hilarious!

I bought a "new" cereal the other day--it was on sale and I've never had it before. It is Cookie Crisp. Preston LOVES it and asks for it at least 3 times a day! here he is eating it on the floor...he kept putting it in the back of his little train and then taking it out, putting it back in the bowl and then finally eating it. he's a funny kid.

Preston NEVER seems to stop/sit down/hold still. But occasionally it seems like he hits the pause button in his brain and he'll stop whatever he's doing and come and cuddle with us. I LOVE it...I always wish these cuddle times would last longer.

No, my son is not gay...although he sure looks like it here! He has Ashleigh's Dora sunglasses on his head and he's looking at a picture of Jesus.

I love my kids!!!

I have a LOT of other posts i've just done...sorry it's a lot! Be sure to click on the thing at the bottom of the page to see older posts in case 1 or 2 of them have made it to the 2nd page already! Enjoy!

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arah said...

I LOVED Ironman. It is such a good movie and he does an excellent job in it.