Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Preston!!!

On Sunday the 14th it was Prestons birthday. My side of the family had other festivities planned for Saturday and Sunday so we decided to have Nick's family over for a very small casual birthday party for Preston on Friday the 12th. It was so nice and so relaxing. Preston had just woken from his nap when the family had arrived so he was a bit of a grump, but soon warmed up when he was able to open his gifts.
(Please excuse the excess of pictures!)
I bought a "birthday boy" pin and put it on his back cause he wouldn't let me put it in the front...

so excited...we got him a little tykes basketball hoop and a couple of balls. (Including a Spongebob ball....)

Nick family got Preston a Radio flyer trike. It's SO cute! I've been lusting after it since about March when I first noticed them at Wal-mart. I'm so glad Preston has a "bike" now.

His favorite part is the trunk...he spend almost 30 min the other day just putting stuff in, then sitting on the bike, then getting off, taking it out, and then repeating the process over and over. It was frankly hilarious! At this point, he can't really ride it. he can reach the pedals just fine (pfew), but he pushes with both feet at the same time and hasn't quite figured out yet how to do one foot at a time. It's cute to watch him try though...and Ash just LOVES to push him in it.

Juli was SO sweet to offer to make Preston's birthday cake. She is MUCH MUCH better at it than I am and so I was very happy to have her offer! It turned out so good...it's a basketball cake! I think I may "make" her do it every year! ;-)
We had the typical cake and ice cream, but I think I went a little overboard with the toppings...

And Preston is just like his grandma Call...he LOVES Meraschino cherries! (EW!) He ate about 1/2 the jar! Woah!

And his birthday party would not be complete with out playing in the box that his toy came in....

What a funny kid! :)


Anonymous said...

That was so fun to be there. Thanks so much and the toppings were very delicious I have to say, especially those cherries. Yummmm!

Tamsen said...

Juli, that cake is AWESOME! It looks just like a basketball. I'll bet Preston loved it. You have talent!

I love maraschino cherries :)

Happy Birthday, Preston!

Patrick and Emily said...

Happy Birthday Preston!