Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Charter school acceptance...

At the beginning of January I sent in applications to 13 charter schools from Bountiful down to American Fork for Ashleigh to attend this fall for Kindergarten. For those who don't know-Charter school are basically Private public schools...It is free for us to have her there (public school), but all the kids wear uniforms and a lottery is run to determine who will be accepted (private school). Once your child is accepted, any younger siblings will automatically be able to attend the same school.

We got our first call today-Ashleigh was accepted to the Renaissance Academy in Lehi. We don't know if we will choose that one for Ashleigh or not yet...It will depend upon who else, if any, accepted her too.
Here is their website. I am now doing a lot of research on this particular school, it's teachers, it's credentials, the principle, the rules, see if it would be a good fit for us. We will hear one way or the other from all the schools we applied to by mid to end of Feb. How exciting!


Laur said...

Congrats Ashleigh!

Lindsey from The R House said...

i got recruited to teach there but turned it down. let me know if you like it.