Sunday, February 17, 2008

A visit to Smart Cookie

After our outing to the children's museum and the planetarium we went to visit Quinn at Smart Cookie. Oh my gosh-who would have thought you could have so much fun just having cookies!?! I took a few pictures-Arah took a TON more....can't wait to see them when she gets home and can post them up!

This is Quinn and one of her coworkers.

Quinn is talking to Preston who was freaking out about getting a cookie. Doesn't she look pretty!?

Preston got his cookie-he was happy!

Ashleigh and Brinley

Nick devouring his ice cream....

Brinley, Matt and Arah.

Silly Nick



Nick and Arah were having camera wars-this is Arah behind her lens

Preston saying-Heeeyyyy


Ashleigh and Matt
(Ash has a wet-nap that she put on her nose-looked like she got a nose job!)


Brinley dancing...apparently Ash wasn't interested...

The beginning of Arah and I being silly together.....

Her's are much better......wait til you see them!!!!!!!!!! :) Ha hahahahahhahhahhahaha

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julie said...

these are so cute! you and arah look like you could be twins!! :)