Monday, February 18, 2008

Outing in Salt Lake with the Kunz's

Matt and Arah planned on having lunch with some friends of theirs and we decided to tag along. They went to Rodizio grill. Yum! I am not much of a meat eater, but Matt and Nick sure are so they were literally in heaven there! Rodizio Grill is in Trolley Square in Salt Lake...

Ashleigh and Brinley on a Trolley

Waiting to be seated

Preston got tired of waiting...

And fell asleep on daddy's shoulder.

Still waiting...actually the wait was only about 10 min.

At our table now-Brinley playing around

Ash-always a ham...sitting with her daddy!

Preston and Ashleigh-cute cute!

Brinley with her daddy-Matt.

Preston finally woke up and enjoyed eating the rolls


After Rodizio we went to the Children's museum across from Temple Square, then we rode Trax to the gateway and walked to see the Planetarium. This fun ride both the girls had is walking back to our cars at the end of this fun day. I forgot to take pictures at either of the other places...hopefully Arah did.

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