Thursday, February 28, 2008 about a very stressful Wednesday!!

Looks like my nerves about our house financing was justified.

Nick sent a message to our lender (I'll call him K) about some things he told us that just didn't quite add up to us. He called to talk to me and after a verifying a few things from the e-mail, he told me that he probably wouldn't be able to do our loan. He also told me that the appraiser was at the house today and K called him and told him to stop doing the appraisal-the appraiser apparently said that he'll still have to charge half his fee then since he made the trip out there. I told K that the charge had better NOT be billed to us, since we were clear all along about Nicks base + commission income and if K had chosen not to hear that than that bill falls in his lap!

Of course I freaked and stressed, I mean, we put down earnest money and we were losing ways to back out and get our money, we had already paid money for an inspections. If we don't get the house I don't want to be out all this money simply because our lender didn't listen to me!

I called our Realtor, I called Nick, etc....I then called one of the other lenders who has seemed really honest and upfront the whole time-I'll call him J. I explained the situation to J. He very calmly told me that K is a broker-and that brokers are at the mercy of the lenders that they use. He educated me on how the house buying process works-step by step-and I realized that K had been very shady with us and dishonest and we would have probably been screwed over in the end! Thank goodness for J for telling me the truth.

We have decided to stop moving forward with K and switch to J for our lending needs. I had to make a stop payment on the "held" appraisal check that I gave to K-another NO NO! and I have to call him today to let him know that he will no longer be getting our business...and I'll be calling the company that referred him to us and let them know that he is doing shady business!

I am VERY disappointed, but glad that we got this figured out NOW rather than just before we were to sign the papers. Literally the stress I had been feeling for so long is gone. I am feeling better and happier and I know everything is going to work out now. I am chalking it up to a life lesson! Hope it's smooth sailing from here on out....we are looking to sign the papers now on the 13th of March. I hope so............

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