Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a wonderful life...

Nick, Ash (3 1/2 years) and Preston (5 days old)
Have you ever just sat back, looked around and said-I have a wonderful life?!? Yesterday I did that...well, most days I do that, but yesterday was more significant for some reason. We went to Costco when Nick got off work to have pizza and hot dogs. Preston was happily sitting in the cart eating pieces of the hot dog, Ash was sitting across from me, and Nick was next to me. Everyone was in a good mood, we all looked particularly cute that day, and my confidence was up after having lost 8 lbs in a month...I just looked at my family-each of them, one by one, and that feeling came over me...I was totally filled with love for each of them! But it was more than that. I just felt so GOOD, so happy...ya know? Hard to explain exactly the feeling, but it was so strong. I love my family... It's good to get that feeling now and then because we all know that our spouses have flaws, weaknesses, vices, etc...and I'm sure they drive you crazy from time to time, but when you are in a good mood and everything is just flowing, make sure you tell that special someone that you love them, that you appreciate them, that you can't live with out them...It's so important, and so worth it!

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