Friday, February 29, 2008

Nothing to do while babysitting? Is that possible?

Ok so my sister-in-law Jana asked me if I could watch her kids for her....she got called to Jury duty. I was happy to.....when I got there and her oldest-Sheridan was still at school. Teriesa immediately attached to Ashleigh and they along with younger brother Nathan traipsed off to play together. The youngest cousin-Cooper attached to Preston and they went off to play together. I literally sat in their kitchen for the first like 15 min wondering what I should do....everyone was getting along and everyone had someone to play with and I really had nothing to do. So, I read a magazine. Then I started listening to Dr. Laura. Then I decided I wanted to get pictures of the kids and what they were here they are...

Preston and Nathan eating some candy

Teriesa and Ashleigh---best of friends!

Cooper and Nathan

Hugs.....Cooper is so sweet...always wanting to give Preston hugs. Love it!

Preston just hanging out...he loves this chair!

Teriesa, Ashleigh and Nathan playing in the dirt...they had fun making mud pies for the orphaned kids that were sitting on the snow bank behind them! haha

Preston and Cooper playing on the beds...

Are you taller than me? Ash and Teriesa measuring each other...I think Teriesa wins!

The girls got in to some make-up...this is how they look after putting it on by themselves!

Nathan wanted a picture of him too.....he's so cute!!!

Thanks Jana...I know it was probably nice to get out-even just to jury duty, but really I had a lot of fun!!!!! :)


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

THANKS so much for posting the pictures of my precious grandchildren!! Love you, mom

sophie said...

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