Saturday, February 16, 2008

The proposal

So we went to the Hakes old ward (They were having a ward Valentine dance) as a surprise to see Nick's cousin Lindsey get proposed to. We hid in the Relief Society room until we got the signal to go in the gym....Cody was up on stage I didn't really understand what his excuse was for being up there, but when we got in there he was giving her flowers, etc and then got down on 1 knee and proposed. It was really sweet! I guess they've had the date set for a bit cause they had to reserve the Salt Lake Temple well in advance, but their engagement just wasn't official until then. It was exciting that we could be a part of such a joyous occasion for them! We wish them so much happiness! We just love Lindsey to death and we both think that Cody is a GREAT addition to their family.

My camera doesn't know how to take pictures in the dark so here are the bad pictures I took of the proposal.

Then we decided to stick around the watch the happy couple and dance a are some random picture of the night....

Uncle Matt dancing with his daughter Brinley.

Randy and Juli are holding Preston and dancing with him-it was so sweet!

Preston saw this little girl there and immediately started to follow her around...then she would follow him...then she would lose interest...then he would go right up in front of her and start dancing. It seriously looked like a little animal mating ritual considering how hard he tried to "get her". Apparently his dancing skills worked cause she stuck around and played/danced with him for a bit. It was stinking adorable...and it was the most attention he has ever given another person his own size. Cute Cute Cute!

It was a very fun night. Want to know what the guys were doing-most of the time while us girls were inside at the dance?

Yup, sitting on the couch outside.

(Randy didn't join the boys until the end of the dance-he at least danced with his wife a couple of times!)


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