Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sick kid once again...

Man, this winter has been a hard one for our family! I think we've gotten sick more in one year living in Utah than 5 years in Washington! Since October-one of my kids-or both have been sick at least once a month! Its frustrating. Anyway, Preston got sick Sunday night and has been under the weather since. Yesterday-out of sheer boredom I took a bunch of pictures of the kids.

Ash in my sunglasses

Preston could not get comfortable and kept roaming the house for a place to lay-here's where he ended up-for a short while.

We had this bowl nearby in case he threw up...he didn't thank goodness, but in one of his fits of anger he hit the right side of the bowl-you see here-the rounded part and it made the bowl shoot up and the pointed part on the opposite side hit him just under his right eye...

Can you see it? There's a red spot just under his right eye. That is where the bowl hit him....the rest of the red on him is a rash or something that doesn't seem to want to go away.

Ashleigh wearing her Hannah Montana PJ's. She's such a good sport-not having me or anyone to play with while Preston is sick. I sure love her!

Another sick attack-poor kid was just so clingy and grumpy!

Preston and Ashleigh playing around

Preston not feeling well again...he likes the boppy to lay on.

Silly Ashleigh-good thing that bowl hadn't been puked in!

Distracted by the TV for a moment.....ahhh peace and quiet!

Trying to play together again...

Finally-dressed for the day.

Another sick spell....dang it, will this ever end?!?

Princess Ashleigh

Ok so, do you see how many red splotches there are on his face? Do you also see how purple his mouth is? Poor kid....his lips and hands were icicles!

Nick came home from work and I was napping-thankfully Preston didn't get in to any mess while I slept...he just watched TV and crawled on me.

Preston is doing much better today-he's finally eating again and for the most part is acting normal, but is still a little whiny and clingy. sigh. Hope he's completely back to normal tomorrow!!!


Josh n Betsie said...

Wow why are his lips purple? Try the cetaphil cream on his face. Maybe he is allergic to acidic food like Jadon was. Try cutting those out for a bit and see if that works. If not ask your doctor about betameth cream. It is a prescription. Works wonders.

arah said...

oh, poor kid. I wonder where that dang rash came from? I've got a bunch of pictures to send you. I'll get them put on a disk this week and send them off.
Hope Preston feels better and that no one else gets it.

arah said...

hey there, I need your email address. I have something hilarious to send to you!