Friday, February 29, 2008


I love our new lender. He calls us daily with updates. He's ordered title, he's ordered the appraisal, we are FINAL approved-contingent upon verifying Nick's employment income. As long as Nick's VOE and appraisal comes back good then we are as good as gold and will get the house!

We decided a couple days ago that even if we don't get the house we are going to put in notice at the apartments anyway-we just can't stand living here any more.

The latest thing---the water heaters between our apartment and our neighbors started leaking over the weekend and on Monday they fixed it, but my Monday night all the water that had leaked out decided to make its way in to our apartment. When Nick stepped in our front closet to find the leak there was so much water it went up and over his foot!!! SICK!!! They came on Tuesday and sprayed mold killer and told us to just keep soaking it up with OUR towels and that it should be dry in a day or two. Meanwhile our place smells like puke---like mold and no ventilation, etc. I HATE being here! I am trying to find any and every excuse lately to be yesterday I was VERY happy to watch Kevin and Jana's kids for them and then just drove around Utah County for another 3 hours after that! I realize that was a waste of gas, but I just couldn't bear to go back home. And when I did get back home the smell was worse than ever. I opened the back door to get some fresh air in...turned on the ceiling fan, sprayed Fabreeze everywhere and cleaned everything else as much as I could. It will be a WONDERFUL day when we can move from here! These apartments are trash!

Anyway, so everything is still moving forward with the house and we are getting so excited!!! With our signing date moved up to the 13th...that means we only have 2 WEEKS til we are officially home owners once again! wow! I know this time is just going to fly by and I realized today and I need to get boxes and start my packing process!

The good thing is-once we sign the papers and the currents tenants move out, we'll still have just under 2 weeks to get all moved out of our apartment so I can take my time, I can take trips out there daily with stuff and put it away as we go-I think I'll be less overwhelmed by doing it that way. And, it'll give me time to clean this DIVE so that we can get our whole deposit back! Ahhh....can't wait!

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arah said...

i wish i could give you all of our boxes...i would be so happy to. too bad you live so far away.