Tuesday, January 20, 2009

babysitting, etc

I was so excited to watch Betsie's kids last week! They are so cute and so much fun....I loved every minute of it!

Josiah, Ashleigh, Emma, and Jennidee

I gave the boys some cocoa...they LOVED that! Jadon spilled on his shirt, but Juli has some great stain remover so I got it out before mommy came home. ;-) Shhh...don't tell her! lol

Emma, Ashleigh and Jennidee

Emma and Jennidee

Emma and her podee....(the bottle)

My beautiful Ashleigh

Cheesy Preston and Jadon

After babysitting the kids played Wii...or pretended they were playing. Aren't they cute!?!

Betsie getting the girls ready for bed. Jennidee is in Betsie's hands and Emma in on the left

Ashleigh, Emma and Betsie

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