Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trying my coupons at grocery shopping

I invited Juli to go grocery shopping with me. I figured with both of us engrossed in our coupon binders, we could concentrate and get everything we need with minimal distractions. We both kind of did our own thing for the most part, but occasionally we would point out a savings to the other. We spend about 2 hours at the store--and had so much fun!
In the end, I think Juli did better than I did, but I am still happy with my outcome.....

My total was $259.81.
Then I entered my Albertsons preferred savings card phone number--cause I don't have a card anymore...and waited and waited and waited while my balance just went lower and lower
And finally, I handed the cashier my stack of coupons, and my balance went down even MORE!
In the end, my OOP (out of pocket) was only $128.80!!!
A 50% savings!

I couldn't bear to take everything out, line it all up and try to get a picture, so I just took one with everything I bought in the bags. Sorry!

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Tamsen said...

Awesome! What a thrill to save so much $$