Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas afternoon

We went to Nicks' parent's house in the afternoon for dinner. They gave the kids some gifts....and us too, even though we told them not to. We sure appreciated it though!. :)

both kids got new ornaments! Which we love! I forgot to get them ornaments, so I am glad they got some from Randy and Juli! :-)

Look at all the cars!!! Preston Loves them! His favorite thing to do now is to shove one really hard from our kitchen so it flies down the steps in to our family room. He likes the crashing noise.

Fun colorful bath soaps! They turn the water the color the soap is...Ash loves showing me her blue hands (that's the color she used first)

Amazingly, our kids LOVE watching Spongebob, but we don't own any Spongebob movies! THANK YOU!!! The kids LOVE IT!

Juli had to help Preston open one of his gifts--once he got the cars he was done opening presents. lol. What a boy!

We had YUMMY ham and Grandma Lowe's potatoes....I swear I never have enough room in my stomach for all the good food.

Ashleigh also got a build a bear--which is a Monkey. She and Juli sewed it together and stuffed it and dressed it, etc... Then I filled out it's birth certificate. Ash decided to name him C. George Call.... She loves him! It's always cute when she gets a new baby.

Nick is always hot when we go to other peoples houses so he laid on the kitchen floor to get cool. Preston eventually laid down with him, but my camera battery died, so I took Pictures with Juli's camera...which I don't have. It was cute though.

After a long day, the kids were all tuckered out. Both kids fell asleep on the way home. What a fun day! and bonus--NO ONE got sick! Yipee!

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manders said...

Looks like a great Christmas and even better celebrating it with Family. Hope you two had a great New Years. Miss you