Friday, January 2, 2009


After 8 years of marriage, this is the first year we have had Christmas in our OWN house..usually, we travel to Nicks' parents house or we got to my parents house. It was nice to be at home this year and roughly go through the traditions we had as kids and figure out what we wanted to implement in our family with our kids. I think it all went well and we had so much fun!

Ash and I had made cookies earlier in the day for Santa and we put out Cookies, Celery, Carrots, and egg nog..."cause every other kid will give him milk, lets give santa something special so I get better presents" --Ashleigh

Being at home, this is also the first year we have had to buy our own stockings. I swear, in the store the big ones didn't look so big! 2 big ones for Nick and I, 2 little ones for the kids and on the left there is a light blue one with wings for Christian.

In my family growing up all the siblings slept in the same bed on Christmas we started that with our kids. Cute, huh?

In the morning Ash was SO excited to see that Santa had in fact come!!!

Preston follows Ashleigh's lead, so I don't think he totally grasps the concept yet, but she sure was excited that the food and drinks were mostly gone!

Also in my family we do the stockings we did that first again too...

Preston couldn't figure out how to take one out, then another thing, etc, so he just turned his stocking upside down and dumped it all out. lol. funny kid

Ash got lots of nail stuff...including this tiny emery board. She loves doing makeup and hair and nails.

The first gift opened--a new skirt.

The last gift--the one from Santa--yes, the kids only get 1 gift from Santa...

A cupcake maker....turns out it looks cooler than it really is. oh-well.

My parents came and spent the night at our house Christmas eve after the kids had gone to bed so they could be there to see the kids open their gifts in the morning.

My mom helping Preston with something...

A favorite gift of Ashleighs....a little writing table. She uses it in bed every night before going to sleep.

Preston's favorite gift you ask??? Well, since being in Reno and playing with Aunt Maree's electric train Preston has been OBSESSED with trains! SO as a last minute gift, Santa brought Preston a Thomas the Train set. For 2 days Preston did nothing except for watch his train go around and around and around. Still, a week later, he would rather play with that than any other toy he has. it's so funny!

Cupcake maker....let me just tell you, these taste horrible! and the thing only makes 1 cupcake. the "cupcake maker" is really only a frosting applicator....I think that's false advertising. whatever, Ash likes it, so I'll keep my mouth shut.

Playing with his train again....this picture is taken about 9 hours later...he hasn't moved much since the first pic. I don't think he ate anything that day...

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