Friday, January 16, 2009

Another coupon outing

I decided I needed to try to be brave and go to Walgreens myself to try to get some great deals...with Betsie going home in a week, I can't rely on her to hold my hand anymore. It was hard...especially since I ran in to a girl I work with-who talks A LOT-and made it hard to keep my concentration!!! But anyway, here is what I 2 M&M candies and 2 bubble tape gum for the kids-which I did not photograph cause they were not a part of the great sale items. :)
The only thing that really bugged me about my trip is the lady wouldn't take my Fantastik's All Purpose Cleaner coupon...neither Betsie or I could figure out why! Grrr.....otherwise, it was a very successful outing!

As you can see by my receipt, I spent $14.69 on 18 items. I saved $41.75 which is a 74% savings! Not my best work, but I was really happy about it nonetheless!

I am planning another trip on Saturday--the last day of the sale and the day after their merchandise shipment comes in to try to get more stuff, and other items that were sold out on today's trip. :-)

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Patrick and Emily said...

But when you're couponing does it mean that you can't get the things you really want or need?? Only what there is a coupon for?