Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am starting this post by saying I am ticked off--somehow, when I downloaded my pictures a few pics of me actually shooting the guns were deleted! And since I have taken more pictures since then, I have no idea if I can ever get those back! So, I am putting on here the pictures I was able to salvage. I really did shoot all 3 guns! Grrr......

I was VERY lucky to be able to go to the shooting range with Juli and Betsie last week. I've been dying to was SO much fun!

Meg, Betsie, and Juli

Here are Betsie and I loading bullets in to the guns. We brought a rifle and a revolver and we rented a 9mm Glock--My favorite!

We each took turns shooting all 3 guns...I am doing a bad job at being a "charlies Angel" lol.

Betsie is so little now...and that rifle has a lot of kick to it...her leg came up every time she shot it to keep her balance. It was so funny.

Here's Juli shooting the Glock. She's the pro and taught Betsie and I a lot about the range, and the guns, etc. Who'd have thought I'd be going shooting with my mother in law!?! :)

This is our first target--We each had colored stickers to put on our shotgun holes....I am the green ones, Betsie is Yellow, and Juli is orange. I was pretty proud of myself.

Oh, and NONE of my videos will download! GRRRR..... I'll probably end up doing a "re-post" in a few days if I can finally get them to post.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to dessert at Olive Garden....Betsie and I both wished we had chosen different desserts....Juli chose correctly-hers was SOOO yummy!!!! Next time I'll be getting the Tiramisu too!

Thanks for a GREAT date girls!

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