Monday, January 26, 2009

Strangers in our house???

We switched the kids' rooms over the weekend and when we went to move Ashleigh's bed we found this coupon. That wouldn't necessarily be strange except for the fact that when we looked closely at it-it is from a Spokane WA Dominos. Can you see the expiration date???? It says it expires 9/30/93! 15 years ago! We were not married then, Ashleigh wasn't alive then, and Nick didn't even own that bed then! It's just way too weird! No one seems to know where it came from!!! I think we have strangers in our house!

Here are a few pics of the kids' new rooms.


Oh, we switched rooms for 2 reasons....Ashleigh has more stuff and Preston's room is bigger, plus, Ashleigh wanted we did. Nick and I always have the "need" to rearrange every year or so, so it worked out well for us to do this. Plus, it's the only way I feel like I have really deep cleaned cause we vacuum and wash all the baseboards and the walls and windows and doors, etc. It makes me feel a little cleaner. :-)


Tamsen said...


Josh n Betsie said...

that is crazy. who is in what room now?

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

So, why did you switch rooms? Love, mom