Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shopping experiences

I thought I'd blog about my 4 shopping experiences.

I already blogged about the first one, but I took pictures of all the things I bought that day....
The Garnier Fructis story is a frustrating one--this store only let us buy 1 item with a coupon! We were SO mad, so we decided to try a different Walgreens the next day...

These are my receipts from that first trip--the one on the left is just for the cereal--Spent $8, saved $9

The one on the right is for everything else--Spent $36, saved $124!!! :)

The next day We went to a different Walgreens for more good deals, but the assistant manager was a BIG pain and would only let us buy 2 of the Garnier Fructis hair products...something about making sure that "everyone gets equal opportunity blah blah blah..." It sure made Betsie and I mad!!! Anyway, so I didn't get as good a deal this time, but I will get a rebate on the vitamins/medicine.

So, I spent $17 and saved $17...not great, but definitely not bad either!

My 4th and most recent trip was the best by far! Once again, we went to a different Walgreens...and paid at the photo department this time!

This is everything that I bought...the diapers, hair ties, and gift wrap cutter in front are what we call "filler items" buy these when your products and coupons would put you in a "negative"--meaning that the store would have to PAY me money, which they can't do, so you get filler items to counter the negative.

And my final--wonderful receipt....

I paid only $8 for all the products above and I saved $97.

Pretty darn good if you ask me! I was very happy about this shopping trip! Woo Hoo!

In 2 days and 4 shopping trips
I SHOULD have spent $316.15
I ONLY spent $68.75...
and I am still going to be getting about $16 back in rebates.

My total SAVINGS: $247.40


Anonymous said...

You rock Meg. I am so proud of you. Isn't is just so exciting and a bit addicting? Love it! Love, Mom Call

Paxton said...

Ok, I'm such a skeptic. Thanks for the reciept pics to prove it. Maybe you need to teach me your new found hobby. -Jamie