Thursday, January 8, 2009

A play day with Betsie....

With Betsie in town, I made a list of free or nearly free things that she/we could do.
Yesterday we took Betsie and her kids to Provo. She got her first experience of J-Dawgs...YUM!

Then we went to the Natural Science (dinosaur) museum.

Then we went to the Bean Museum (No, there are no beans there)

They have this cute little play room at the Bean museum that kids can play in...Lots of tinker toys and building blocks.

I was able to get a candid shot of nick...

And Betsie...

It was kind of cruddy weather when we left in the morning so Nick drove Betsie's van and I drove our van the whole day. It worked out really well!

Jadon wanted to see dinosaurs so bad and the animals at the Bean museum, and he was such a brave boy, but was so cute and didn't want to get too close.

The girls-Jennidee and Emma were so good and happy to just be pushed around in their stroller and go along wherever we went. These girls are SO cute!

Josiah is so loving--he happily held Ashleigh's hand anytime she asked and when it was time for us to go home he wanted me to hold him and not let him go.

I love how these kids have welcomed us and attached to us so soon. I just love them so much!!!

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Josh n Betsie said...

at least someone posts stuff. im linking your blog from mine so some people can see what we are up to until i get my blog going. Love ya