Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ashleigh's room

Ashleigh's room drives me crazy about every week or the past she has been "grounded to her room" until it's cleaned. Occasionally I'll go in a "help" her clean it. Today I got just plain SICK of it!!! I took EVERYTHING that was in her room that was not in the right place and put it all on her bed. I told her she is NOT allowed to do anything else until it is all cleaned off and put in the correct place!! It's now 930pm and I am STILL waiting for her to actually finish her room, but I know it will all get done tomorrow......I hope! UGH!!!

I'll take any and all advice on how I can get her to just naturally PICK UP AFTER HERSELF!!! Anyone have any suggestions???


Taylor Fam said...

take it away! Then make her earn it back. I did it once, it never happened again!

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Eliminate everything from her room except bed, a few clothes (1 week's worth only), dresser, and scriptures. Once she can show that she can take care of these things properly then she can have a few other things added back. Be consistent until everything is added back into her room. But, be prepared for tears and upset in the meantime!! Don't give in or you'll regret it later. Good luck!