Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yay, Betsie is in town!!!

The day after Christmas Juli and Quinn drove 3 days to Tennessee to see Betsie and her family, stayed for a few days and then helped Betsie drive back to Utah--3 more days in the cars! Poor little Jadon got sick the 2nd day so we decided better to stay away for the first day they were here so the illness wouldn't pass to the rest of us...just in case. We did go over to see her the second day and we had such a good visit! We have not seen any of them in almost 2 years!!! Jadon was almost 2, Josiah was only 3 weeks old and the twins-Jennidee and Emma didn't even exist! Now, Jadon is almost 4, Josiah is 1 1/2, and the twins are 7 months old! It was SO fun to see them again and to meet the girls! Betsie looks AMAZING!!!

Meeting Emma...

Ashleigh sure loves holding babies! Who can blame her...they are SO cute!

Preston played for a bit with the other kids, but once he saw that they had a Thomas the Train book, he was all over it!

Ashleigh, Jadon, and Josiah having a little snack

Me and Jadon...I love that he never says "cheese" while looking at the camera. So cute

Josiah went up to Ashleigh and gave her a hug and they just held each other for a few minutes! He is such a little love!!!

Nick played Emma some music on his phone...

...and look what happened...he got her to fall asleep! Impressive!

Jennidee was there too, I just didn't get any pictures-dang it! I'll get some the next time we go over. At least they are identical twins, so you can pretty much just look at Emma and be able to tell what Jennidee looks like. ;-)

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