Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day in Salt Lake

We took family pictures in the morning and then took Trax from Sandy to Salt Lake. It's always interesting trying to get strollers up in to Trax, but we had a VERY nice "driver" who let us get on using the wheelchair access.

Isn't Quinn pretty!?!

We went to the Planetarium...a favorite for my kids!

Preston met a little girl was cute seeing him with her

We also went to the Children's museum next to temple square
In my defense--I did tell everyone to smile before I took the picture. SORRY!!!
(My hubby is HOT)

The kids all got dressed up as shepards and wisemen...and Ashleigh REALLY wanted to dress up as Mary. She looks so sweet and humble.

And then we went to the visitors center

On the train back home, I couldn't get the twins stroller on using the wheelchair access--there was already a wheelchair there, so I had to go around...the car where everyone else got on was full so I went to the next car back...Randy and Nick came to the resue and helped me get the double stroller on to trax and then we all rode back to Sandy together.

The boys sure look happy to be stuck with me and the twins, eh? ;-)
There were some funky people on Trax.
It was a really fun/busy day though!

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