Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dinner with the fam

We all went out to dinner the other night. Nick ordered of his favorite appetizers. (SICK) Ash also LOVES calamari! She ate at least 1/2 of his plate full! What a gal! We told Preston that it was Squidward (from Spongebob) that Ash was eating and he freaked out..."No Ashleigh, don't eat her!" (He says her instead of him...) ha ha

Nick and Ashleigh....Ah, they are so cute! She sure loves her daddy!

Preston--CHEESE!!! He's so funny!
However, he was REALLY good in the restaurant! I was pleasantly surprised!

After dinner we went to the mall and let the kids play.
Preston, of course, loved the "choo choo train" the most!

Ashleigh on a "Harley". She seemed to really like that motorcycle.

Then we let them play outside...they LOVED walking around on this concrete thing!
It was such a fun day out! I love spending time with my kids and my hubby! I look forward to MANY more days like that day!

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