Saturday, February 21, 2009


Add a gallon of milk and about 10 more loaves of bread to this picture and that is what I bought at Albertsons yesterday. LOTS of food storage! What's nice about the way I am shopping now is that I only have to buy fruits/vegetables when we need them. Everything else I have on hand for meals, etc. And we've definitely saved a lot of money since I started couponing! I've found though that I have SO much now that I could take a month or more off from shopping "the deals" if I want to....We'll see.
I can't remember my exact numbers...but I spent about $88, got $13.50 back in register rewards. I saved $117. 57% savings!

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arah said...

you did good.i love Albertson's. I love that you can roll the $10 over and over again. It's nice.
We don't eat a lot of cold cereal and i get so much from WIC that i didn't get any cereal this time around. i usually buy it for snacks.