Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's for the kids

I got a great idea from a fellow celebrate Valentine's day AFTER Feb 14 since everything is marked down to at least 50% off. So Nick and I decided to do our Valentine's Day on Feb 20, but we still wanted to get the kids something-especially now that Ashleigh is in school and they already did their V-day party and she knew exactly when the real V-day was!

Nick started the tradition when Ash was 3 to get her a single rose for V-day. She LOVES getting one from her daddy and proudly displays it in her room for weeks on end and she is always a little sad when it dies and we have to throw it away! He tells her that he is the only valentine that she needs until she falls in love and gets married someday. I think it's so sweet that he thinks of her each year and shows her how much he loves her like that!

This is the first year we did anything for Preston, but he was SOOO excited to get a present and some candy too! He has slept with his little "goggy" every night since he got it...and he keeps telling the doggy to "let go" of the thing hanging off it's mouth! Ha ha....he's such a funny kid!

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