Monday, February 16, 2009

BEST shopping trip to Walgreens!

I had a little time before my dentist appointment so I went to Walgreens to see how little I could pay for the items that were on sale this week! I must say...I REALLY did well! I'll go back a little and tell you about last week first....

Walgreens had a sale on Gillette Fusion and Venus razors. I paid-out of pocket about $5.57 for each razor I bought and I would get a $6 register reward back for each one--for those who don't know, a register reward is a manufacturer coupon, or Catalina coupon that automatically prints when you buy select items. I bought 13 razors! So I had $78 in register rewards!

So after looking at this weeks ad and compiling a list of all the items that were on sale and that I wanted...and that I had coupons for, I went to the store!

I bought--2 cases of water, 2 packages of diapers, 8 Lysol cleaning products, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 4 Colgate toothpastes, 2 Childrens Tylenol, 2 Childrens Motrin, 3 packs of gum, 2 cans of almonds, and a package of gloves.

And here is my receipt.....
They scanned the in store ad coupons, then my manufacturer coupons, and finally my register rewards! In the end, I paid out of pocket-$4.98. I saved-$105.23. That's a 96% savings!!!! And as you can see, most of my total was the tax! Ha ha ha completely made my day!!!!

This shopping trip definitely put me in a good mood to get my cavity filled at the dentist! ;-)
Oh, and I still have $30 in register rewards left!!!

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Josh n Betsie said...

You did totally AWESOME!