Monday, February 2, 2009

The Super Bowl

My journal:

We had a "super bowl party" at our house's not really a party, as it was a family gathering. Nick's parents came over for it. We out did ourselves with food...we had pizza, bread sticks, Artichoke dip, 7-layer dip, Brazilian salsa and brownies....YUM! We DVR'd the game and started watching it about 45 min late so we could skip commercials and the half time show if we wanted to. Nick and I were rooting for different teams--I picked the Steelers to win (and they did!) and Nick chose the Cardinals. Lol! It was a good game--what I saw of it. I visited with Juli, and did some of my couponing and did some blogging...yes, I do have another blog--its private for now though, sorry! but I did watch some of the game here and there. The kids were in GREAT moods! Preston was such a little ham...and kept asking to sit on grandma's lap or wanted to play with her. He is usually so happy to be with grandpa, but tonight it was ALL about grandma! He would randomly just come up and give her a hug...or come and head-butt her. Ha Ha. It was so cute! the whole scene was so fun to watch! Juli wasn't too interested in watching the game too, but she was so happy to come and just spend time with us and the kids! Randy and Nick were ALL about the game. It was fun to watch and hear them yell at the tv when the Refs made a "bad" call. It's very entertaining! We were sad cause Quinn said she wasn't going to come--she was invited to a "better" party, but did end up coming over at about half time. It was good to have her here too! Ashleigh decided towards the end of the game to do cheerleading that she had just learned last week at was cute at first, but like all kids about her age--it got to be a little annoying and we finally had to make her stop. She was so sweet and loving too and had so much fun playing with Preston while we watched the game and did our own thing. They get along so well sometimes...I am so grateful for the love they show to each other! I love my kids! The Steelers won the game--did I mention that? Ha ha....After the game we cleaned up a bit and everyone went home. Oh, it was so much fun to have the family over and to have a small little party! Nick and I loved every minute of it! We'll be living off leftovers for the next couple of days at least....any one want some?!?! (No more brownies though....sorry!)
GOOD times...and GREAT memories!
Thanks for coming over guys! We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Our pleasure. Thanks so much. It was so nice to have "just us" together. Loved the kids and their nice hugs. Preston was so so cute. What a sweetie. Love you guys tons!!!!