Thursday, February 26, 2009

Health Question???

At work tonight, one of my co-workers (Becky) told me that she is starting to get a sore throat. Having a sore throat is my LEAST favorite illness to have...I would much rather have the flu! Anyway, she told me that her mom used to be an Ear, Nose and Throat nurse and in their house the home remedy for a sore throat was to buy Hydrogen Peroxide, put a few drops in one of your ears--let it bubble and tickle in there for as long as you can stand it-up to 10 min..then do the other ear. If you do it at the first onset of a sore throat it will either make the sore throat go away, or else make it much less painful and it will go away quicker. She is going to do it tonight and I am going to check up on her on Friday and see how it went....Has anyone else done this before? Any thoughts?


The day that my back started hurting (the left side) on the spot where it hurt and all along the left side around to my belly button on that side started itching...and since then, my stomach-just on the left side- is completely numb. It's that same feeling your cheek gets when you get a shot from the dentist to numb know that feeling? It's really irritating me and it's confusing me since I have never had a numb stomach before. When I asked 2 people at work separately, they both said I have a pinched nerve and that's why my stomach is numb...once that nerve is "unpinched" it will be back to normal. Has anyone ever heard of that? Does that sound right? I am going to ask the physical therapist on Friday when they start work on my back. Very confusing.....

Thanks for your help and opinions! Oh, and the Wal-mart doctor said I have a strained muscle in my mention of a pinched nerve. When I told him that my stomach is numb he didn't seem to care and went on to ask his own questions! What a quack!

The rest of the family???
Nick was feeling crappy for 1 day...he is all better now.
Ashleigh threw up 2 nights in a row--never during the day, but like always, her little illness has turned in to a cold and she has her cough back--so we're nebulizing her with Albuterol 5-6x/day. She was up playing around today so I'm sure she'll be back to normal by Friday.
Preston threw up those 2 nights also--again, never during the day, but he is fine! No left over illnesses and nothing new seems to be coming on.

I am SO happy that we are all getting better and that we can put those awful 4 days behind us!!! :-)


Tamsen said...

That's really interesting about the hydrogen peroxide. I would like to know if it worked. I have had a sore throat for a few days now, and it was getting so unbearable that I took a good long look at the peroxide, actually. I thought maybe if I gargled with it, it might help. In the end, I decided against it...

As for the numbness, I don't think it's because of a pinched nerve. But that's based on nothing but intuition. Hopefully the PT will give you some answers. Seriously, I have dwindling respect for most conventional doctors. Sorry you had to see an idiot.

I'm so glad everyone's recovering!! Love you!

hakesfam said...

Hmm, my dear neice . . . I have had a lot of back problems in my life. Dr. Baird always recommends the book "The Mind-Body Prescription" so one day I bit the bullet and read it . . . amazing the results!!! Your mind really does play nasty tricks on your body and the easiest way to get your attention is with PAIN! No it's not all "in your head", it's real live PAIN but brought on by . . . well, I will loan you the book after Spencer returns it, soon.