Saturday, February 7, 2009

Target, Old Navy, and Walgreens

I went to Target, Old Navy, and Walgreens today...Nick was kind enough to be my chauffeur for the day. Thanks honey!!! ;-)
Here is my breakdown:
At Target I spent $17.86 and saved $13.70.
At Old Navy-I spent $3.75 and saved $55.55.
At Walgreens I spent (2 transactions for rebate purposes)
1st transations: $7.67 and saved $3.98
2nd transaction: $11.90 saved $26.81

All together--I spent $41.18 and I saved $100.04
that's a 71% savings!
Plus--I will get $12 back in rebates! :)

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Amy and Craig said...

feels fabulous to save doesn't it?! I can even get Craig excited about spending sometimes when I show him the rebates or the coupons!